Well, maybe I'm not completely convinced that the moon landings were faked just because I saw a tv show about it on Fox, but here are a few things that were on the program that got me wondering:

1) NASA video shows the U.S. Flag waving and apparently being caught by a small puff of wind as Apollo 14 astronauts are planting it on the moon. Debunkers say the movement is caused by the astronauts moving the pole, but the timing doesn't seem exactly right- the flag moves later.

2) The cameras the astronauts used had crosshairs engraved on the lens. All images should be behind the crosshairs. Some NASA photos show the crosshairs partly obscured- there are objects in front, indicating the images may have been manipulated. The lighting sources of some pictures have also been questioned, it looks like there may be too many, shadows pointing in strange directions in some pictures...Also, the quality of the photography given the extreme environment, the way the cameras were mounted on the astronauts' chests, the radiation, etc., seems too good to be true.

3) No dust on the feet of the lander, no blast crater underneath. One picture seems to show a footprint underneath the foot of the lander. Huh?

4) No exhaust plume when the lander takes off from the moon

5) Video which according to NASA was taken on different days in different places, but the background is the same.

6) Questions about whether the Lunar landar was flyable, video of unsuccessful flight test two months before mission. The more I think about this question, the more I wonder.

Many people think it would be impossible to fake a mission to the moon. I disagree. Maybe NASA was planning to go to the moon, but decided it wasn't going to work a few months, even a year or two before the actual mission. Rather than admit failure at the height of the Cold War, just as they were about to "win" the space race, they decided to simulate it. The astronauts could have orbited the earth for a few days while a mix of real and phony images was broadcast to the world. The movie "Capricorn One" (about a faked mission to Mars) shows how it could be done. Although it is a pretty bad movie (starring O.J. Simpson), it was supposedly made because some Hollywood people had some doubts about the moon missions, and it does a good job of suggesting some of the issues that might have been involved.

If I were in charge of an intelligence agency and I wanted to make sure my conspiracy remained unexposed, I would be sure to hire a few people to debunk the conspiracy theorists, and also a few "loonies" to come after me with a mixture of true and preposterous allegations. For a long time, certain Kennedy conspiracy debunkers have led me to wonder about their motivations and who is paying their bills.

I have always believed that the moon landings were real, so when I saw the show on Fox, at first I was really concerned, because it did cast some doubt on the whole thing, the questions seem pretty serious, maybe they should be investigated. Here is a link to an excellent page which provides links to lots of sites around the Internet covering the whole range of opinions about the moon landing conspiracy theories.

One issue that needs to be addressed by any conspiracy theory regarding the Apollo program is all the science that has been done based on the moon landings- analysis of the rocks, etc. The astronauts even brought back a camera from an earlier robot probe, and placed laser reflectors on the moon's surface. All that would have to be fabricated as well, which is harder to do than just faking some video and a few still pictures. I have read, though I haven't yet taken the time to try to verify, that the Russians also had their own unmanned lunar rover which they sent to the moon. It took pictures of the American landing sites and that convinced them they had lost the race.

The Fox show didn't really address these shortcomings in their theories. The existence of a conspiracy theory on this subject does suggest some interesting questions about what we know about our modern environment and how we know it. On balance, I think the evidence currently available suggests that Fox Group Sucks! and I would be shocked to be proven wrong...



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