the global meritocracy may come about by dedication of virtually educated individuals to real-life principles of the netocratic party. these include overthrow of failed religious, political and corporate establishments around the world. by committing the self in personal and professional life to powerful principles of justice, dignity, and achievement in spiritual and intellectual growth, global paradigms may be altered. the ruling regimes may be eaten away from inside by a silent movement dedicated to netocratic principles and committed to service, beginning in local communities around the world. education over the internet may reveal broad truths about the state of affairs on earth and what must be done to save ourselves from catastrophe. basic party principles may unify nations of people and create a new global reality. the netocratic party envisions a grassroots effort to spread knowledge via the internet, eventually establishing a global meritocratic superstate. then, universaly accepted spiritual values will render partisan religious political and military conflict unthinkable everywhere in the world.

a pyramid of power built by grassroots commitment to community service and personal education, enlightenment and wisdom via the internet may emerge. people in time may forsake organized religion in favor of participation in community and broader goals of humanity and individual understanding of universal spirituality. a decentralized guerilla style campaign of locally organized activist groups may transform society from the bottom up - this scenario requires no leaders and no followers, no particular political or religious affililiations, just personal commitment and responsibility, community service and participation, and support for other broad goals espoused by netocratic party. tyrannical regimes around the world may be gradually whittled away from inside through commitment of individuals to a different destiny for mankind. new local and global leaders will gradually emerge by consensus based on this form of enlightened self-government built from the base up.

the only way to overcome existing political structures in a modern state is by first taking control of local governments, panels, commissions, school boards, courts, etc. beginning at the grassroots and personal level by participating in existing organizations and processes, increasing numbers of individuals committed to netocratic principles may begin to transform society. in the failed imppementation of democracy in the world. this means that the movement may take place without ever actually directly confronting the current system, individuals may have faith that it will simply evolve into something else over time. in all other states, including directly authoritarian regimes, conflicts may slowly build from local power struggles into broader conflicts, which have only one possible outcome.

in the united states, the home of the netocratic party, the plan to seize conservative control of us courts may backfire. with a democratic or someday other majority in place, the highest and most corrupt courts will serveover time to crystalize issues and highlight contradictions which may then be favorably resolved through legislative action and final defeat of the calcified remains of the old society..

the debate over order and security in america and the world may be redefined in the context of the emerging global the united states, citizens must accept a level of intrusion and lack of privacy, but in exchange for sacrificing certain rights, others must be demanded as also necessary for proper order. food, shelter, healthcare, economic opportunity

directed evolution of existing institutions by committed persons.