It has been alleged that Lt. General McCloud was assassinated. I do not know if that is true. I do know that David McCloud was a great man and a hero to his troops. Look for pictures of the General and me way back when in my photoalbum section.

Lt. General McCloud's online biography/obituary. Look at all those planes he flew!

An article on McCloud's funeral service. I include it because of the poetry, which most people do not associate with great military leaders.

President Clinton's speech at Elmendorf AFB one month before McCloud died. I'm sure the Chinese connection is a coincidence, and the President's nonsense sentence a misprint.

This is the NTSB factual report on his plane crash, although it looks like the investigation was just laying the groundwork for a conclusion blaming pilot error. As Joe Friday would say, "just the facts  Mr. Hall, just the facts."

In a more recent accident, Admiral Engen was the director of the National Air and Space Museum, and the second Commanding Officer of the USS America.

A work in progress: the airplane crash conspiracy

Here is a poem I wrote, speaking of Generals & Admirals falling...

In memory of those who have fallen, and those who have risen, here is a picture of four fighters


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