Here is a summary of a two-part conspiracy theory about America, and two (of many) documents from the National Archives that may shed some light:

I. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a coup d'etat carried out by the CIA and others.

II. The organizers, together with their accomplices,sympathizers, and corrupted, blackmailed and other agents, have maintained their hold on power for more than 40 years through coercion, lies, political dirty tricks, and more assassinations.

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When I heard about the above document I had to see it for myself. While visiting my family in Washington DC, I took a trip to the National Archives. I requested and received the document, and made a photocopy with the assistance of the people who work there. Sceptics are invited to search the archives online, or go physically to see for themselves. A creative imagination could come up with many possible meanings for this document, while many people probably see nothing at all significant. What a strange world we live in!


Below is an excerpt regarding the document above which comes from the final report of the Assassination Records Review Board, available in full on the National Archives website.

A November 29, 1963, memorandum from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to the Director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the Department of State refers to the fact that information on the assassination of President Kennedy was "orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency." At the request of the Review Board, the CIA made a thorough search of its records in an attempt to determine if the "George Bush" referred to in the memorandum might be identical to President and former Director of Central Intelligence George Herbert Walker Bush. That search determined that the CIA had no association with George Herbert Walker Bush during the time frame referenced in the document. The records that the Review Board examined showed that the only other "George Bush" serving in the CIA in 1963 was a junior analyst who has repeatedly denied being the "George Bush" referenced in the memorandum. The Review Board staff found one reference to an Army Major General George Bush in the calendars of Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles. There was no indication if this General Bush could be the referenced George Bush.

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